Subject-matter experts are powerful.

You can save a lot of wasted resources by leveraging the expertise of subject-matter experts. Use Motif to gather their insights faster.

You're entering a technical domain and need sophisticated expertise.

Your next product has a heavy lift from a technical perspective. It has the potential to enable a lot of professionals do a very difficult job. You need the help and expertise of war-torn, battle-tested, professionals.

You need to understand market precedent.

You need to understand what's worked and what hasn't in the past. You're afraid you'll make the same mistakes that other competitors have made.

You need to identify unknown assumptions.

You know you have blind spots when it comes to the market. You want a subject-matter expert to help you verify your assumptions and push you to think about things you haven't yet.

Use Motif interviews to dive deep on technical topics with trusted subject-matter experts.

Using our interviews feature you can moderate a discussion with your subject-matter experts regarding each technical topic you need advice on. You could share patterns with the rest of your team with our highlighting features.

Use Motif video surveys to understand historical market context.

You could get pointed perspectives and thoughts on specific competitors by using Motif's video surveys. You'll be able to fuel your direction with the insights of the smartest people in your industry without ever leaving the office.

Use Motif interviews to allow subject-matter experts to push your current thinking.

Using the back-and-forth abilities of Motif interviews you'll be able to leave each subject-matter interview with a clear understanding of what you don't know enough about, and what you can be confident in.

Deliver products that match the complexity your most technical customers need.

Avoid the risk of your product or service being a mile wide and an inch deep. Deliver a customer experience that matches what they need to accomplish their complex and sophisticated work.

Don't repeat the mistakes of previous market failures.

Build predictably successful products, and avoid the detours that others have made in the past. Maximize product economics and customer satisfaction.

Build products and services with a clear strategy to mitigate inevitable risks.

Avoid unnecessary product delivery iterations, and missed customer expectations by identifying risks and assumptions upfront. Dedicate your research and development time to experimenting on the right ideas in the right way.

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