Understand your customers better.

Your customers experience pain points everyday that your product could solve, and solve well. Use Motif to evaluate new markets and customer needs and wants.

You want to evaluate opportunities in a new market.

You're interested in pursuing an offering in an adjacent market. You don't have a handle on exactly what the customer need is, and you need to get your bearings.

You want to understand what problem you can solve for your customers next.

Your customers love your current products. So much so that they're constantly sending your team feature requests. You need to determine the right priorities for your team.

You want to better understand customer behavior to make products more relevant.

You know you're missing out on opportunities to win your customer's business. You want to find ways to understand why they do what they do every day, and find ways to better serve them.

Use Motif video surveys to understand a landscape of problems you can dive deeper into.

Use our video surveys feature to probe your customers for what pain points they experience on a daily basis for a particular task or workflow. Review the automatic video transcriptions for patterns.

Use Motif interviews to learn the pains that are most common & severe for your customers.

You'll be able to use Motif's interview features to go past the feature request, and ask why— as many times as you need to adequately understand your customers deepest pain points and underlying issues.

Use Motif video surveys to model behavioral personas, and pinpoint specific ways to improve.

At the root of every customer behavior is a motivation or goal. Use Motif video surveys to discover and learn about your customer's motivations and goals. Learn how they're connected, and determine how you can improve your product to match those motivations.

Spend precious research time focusing on the most important areas of interest.

Rather than spend wasted effort on areas that have less promise— focus your research design on the most intriguing market opportunities.

Retain customers by building the right products at the right time.

Your ability to deliver products and services that match customer needs is the only way to increase the lifetime value of each customer and solve their most pressing problems.

Make deliberately thoughtful and relevant products that customers will love.

You can't build a product for each of your customers. However, if you can match the intricate and nuanced needs of the different behavioral models your customers have— you'll create a thoroughly engaged and happy customer base.

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