Find the perfect expert witness before you get to trial.

Motif's qualitative suite can help you quickly evaluate expert witnesses, so you can litigate with confidence.

You need to optimize the presentation of your witness.

Whomever you place on the stand must be an expert, but they also need to present well to juries and courts. You need to know how potential witnesses carry themselves, how they speak, how they dress, etc.

You need your witness to be reliable and believable.

Unfortunately, when your expert witness is rallied with conflicting testimony from the opposing side— the jury does not have the time or capability to corroborate what each witness has said. You need to verify the efficacy of your witness before they ever get on the stand to ensure their performance and your confidence.

You need answers to expert-related questions an hour ago.

It's later in the litigation lifecycle, and you're headed to court very soon. You have some really important looming questions that you need answers to right now.

Use Motif video surveys to evaluate a diverse panel of expert witnesses.

You can use Motif video surveys to ask an array of questions that will help you evaluate the characteristics of each potential witness. You can deploy your questions right from your desk, and create important highlight clips of important themes.

Use Motif video surveys to iterate through potential questions and optimize strategy.

You could use Motif video surveys to present your expert witnesses with anticipated questions, and examine how they perform when their testimony is challenged.

Use Motif video surveys to get rich verbose answers from your experts while you work on something else.

Even if your timeline is tight, you can easily deploy Motif to retrieve much need information for your preparation. We'll notify you as your responses roll in.

Ensure that every detail of your case has been accounted for.

You'll be confident that you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's. You've done the work to evaluate and identify the perfect expert witness to propel your arguments forward.

Avoid surprises, anticipate conflict, and litigate confidently.

Your expert witness will be able to stay cool under pressure, and know how to persuasively present their expertise.

Don't allow tight scope and timelines to affect the efficacy of your case.

There won't be the difficult decision or trade-off between doing the work you know you need to do, and having the information you need to do your work well.

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