Build your most durable products yet.

The most economical products are those with predictable lifecycles. You can use Motif to check-in with your customers on the quality and durability of your products.

You want to understand your product lifecycle.

You want to be able to understand when your product reaches it's end-of-life.  You need to anticipate the production of replacement parts, supplementary services and offerings, and how you can retain your customer's business.

You have new manufacturing partners.

You recently made significant changes to your supply chain, and certain portions of your product are now manufactured by different partners. You've done your due diligence, but now you need to verify the quality they promised as your first few units roll out the door.

You have new materials providers.

You're evaluating a new product, and it will leverage materials that your team has little to no experience with. You need to understand how each material will hold up in edge-case scenarios.

Use Motif interviews to understand in depth how your product has held up.

Use our interviews feature to speak with your consumers. Learn via conversation how they've used your product, when they've used it, and how it's held up in those conditions. Learn what actions dramatically reduced the life of the product. Ask your customers what types of products they plan on evaluating next.

Use Motif video surveys to understand the standing quality for specific customer cohorts.

Identify specific customer cohorts that have products that leverage your new manufacturing partner, and those that don't. Have your customers show you with video the current state and condition of their products. See common and repeatable patterns, save them as highlights, and distribute to your team.

Use Motif video surveys understand the durability of a variety of materials used in prototypes.

Send a specific prototype to a variety of different cohorts of research participants. Have them document the current state of the prototype at different 1 week, 1 month, and so on. See in their video responses how each material is commonly holding up with typical wear and tear.

Pin down your product lifecycle, and make your next iteration count.

Learn exactly where your products break down over time. Build predictably profitable supply-chain by understanding which parts tend to need replacement, and optimize your logistics.

Identify common patterns in quality for specific manufacturers.

Verify the quality standards you need and want for your products, and identify any issues that arise as early as possible.

Ship your next product with the ideal materials.

Prevent recalls because of poor material design. Anticipate how to message the durability of your products to future customers.

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