Understand your customer journey.

You can use Motif's products to deeply understand your customer's journeys and experiences. As a team, you'll have artifacts to guide you in the right direction.

Your customers have missed expectations and are being oversold.

There's an apparent disconnect between what your branding and messaging are selling to your potential customers, and what your new customers are experiencing during the first few months. You're missing the mark somewhere, but you're unsure where you went wrong, or where to improve.

Your product offerings are disconnected from one another.

Your customers have a difficult time understanding how to maximize the value they could be receiving from your product offerings. Your offerings don't seem to fit their workflows, and your customers don't perceive the same complimentary product lineup that you and your team do.

You're unsure where to go next, or how to get there.

You've built a "homerun" of a product, and fine tuned each feature. The performance of your first product is on autopilot. You want to start looking around the corner at what you should build next— but it's difficult to know what to prioritize or evaluate next.

Use Motif video surveys to understand the details of each activity and step in their journey.

Create a Motif video survey to understand what happened for your customers at each stage of the customer journey. Launch another to understand the specific details of each activity in their journey to pinpoint issues, and launch new initiatives.

Use Motif interviews to understand in depth how each step flow into one another.

Use our interviews feature to dive deep with your research participants on their workflows and experiences. Use the power of conversation to understand all of the nuanced details of their experience, and how they trigger what they do next.

Use Motif interviews to help your team understand close adjacent opportunities.

Use interviews to deeply understand each stage of your customer's experiences. You can use our highlighting features to pull out patterns of each stage, and map out where you offerings currently apply and serve your customer's journey. Then you identify closely related opportunities to pursue and evaluate.

Increase your customer conversion.

If you understand how you customers evaluate and purchase your products, you'll be able to turn your customer acquisition funnel into a relevant finely-tuned engine. You'll speak their language, sound more authentic, and set the tone for the rest of the customer relationship.

Increase your customer engagement and retention.

As you understand what your customers do, how they think, and what they experience— it becomes much simpler for you to be able to make your products match their needs and sequential workflows. They'll seamlessly flow from one offering to another.

Land and expand your revenue with each customer.

Adjacent opportunities open up your ability to expand revenue within each client or customer. You can deepen your relationship and add more value.

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