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Rich & Complete
Customer Research.

Motif is a sophisticated qualitative research service. We leverage a suite of products to facilitate your customer research, and provide you with a powerful system of record.

You pick a research campaign

We recruit the participants

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We will work with you to design the panel of your dreams. We will review every single panel participant to ensure they fit the panel criteria.

We interview the participants

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Using industry best practices, we interview, and ensure the quality of every single answer to the questions we craft for your project.

We synthesize the data

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Using a combination of supervised and unsupervised classification strategies, we will codify and theme every single question answered by participants.

We find patterns

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We’ll use our technology to look for the key findings in your research project. You’ll find nothing but clarity and potential for impact in the data we present to you.

We wrap it up in a bow

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We’ll create a series of reports that will clearly articulate what was learned and enable you to start acting on the insights.

Dedicated research managers just for your project.

From the very beginning, you will be paired with a dedicated research expert. They’ll do all the heavy lifting and communicate project milestones to you along the way. They’ll answer any questions you have within a business day— guaranteed.

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Which one of these matches your research needs?