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Understand what happens after they open the box.

Know when you're over-fulfilling

You've probably learned that if you're shipping your products too often that customers are more likely to cancel than reduce the order frequency. Use Motif's video surveys to anticipate over fulfillment, and increase customer retention.

See what happens between shipments

How are your products being used once they're out of the box? Are they impacting the customer in the way you thought they would? Use Motif's video surveys to understand how valuable your products are proving to be once the luster of the shiny new package has faded.

Have customers document the unboxing experience

How often do you think about your packaging design? Is it purely aesthetic? Have you watched someone open one of your packages for the first time? Can they find what they need? What do they see first? Use Motif's video surveys to have your customers document their experience opening your products in real-time.

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