Insights for everything from mental models to usability.

Easily define your behavorial personas

You can't build a product for every nuanced demographic that finds your product. But you can use Motif to archetype and model the goals and motivations of your users.

Define and prioritize your customer needs

Use Motif's interview feature to dive deep with customers on their daily pain points. Identify potential market opportunities, and find the most pressing iterations for your product.

Evaluate the usability of your new products

Use Motif's interviews to evaluate the value and usability of your prototypes. Review the interview's automatic transcription, speaker diarization, and inline commenting.

Motif is the qualitative research stack you've been waiting for. Try Motif free for 14 days.

No limits on the amount of studies you can deploy. No limits on the amount of participants you can reach. No limits on what you can learn!
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