Private equity

See opportunities for untapped value by understanding human expertise and market behavior.

Build an investment thesis

Whether your firm is rigidly opportunistic or if you're thematically driven— you need to have conviction before you deploy capital. You can leverage Motif's qualitative suite to understand market trends and behaviors. You'll be able to form a unique take on which industries you should be deploying capital into and why.

Map out prospective markets

You can understand all the ins-and-outs of a market by using our qualitative research tools to speak with industry experts, top executives, and market analysts. Use our collaborative highlighting features to pull out the most important insights.

Trust but verify

Due diligence is hard, time consuming, and depending on the scope— capital intensive. Lower your diligence costs by using remote qualitative research tools to understand market behaviors and verify commercial viability.

Qualify the best advisors and board members

After you've deployed your capital, you need to identify key talent to shepherd your investments to a successful exit. Use Motif to remotely and quickly evaluate a panel of potential advisors and board members.

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