Investment banking

Recognize and validate investment opportunities faster than ever.

Create an investment thesis

Whether your firm is rigidly opportunistic or if you're thematically driven— you need to have an opinion before you deploy capital. Leverage Motif's video surveys to speak with dozens of experts asynchronously, right from your desk. Dive deep with interviews to understand all the ins-and-outs of a particular market. Build a proprietary knowledge-base that will inform future investment decisions.

Trust but verify

Due diligence is hard, time consuming, and depending on the scope— capital intensive. Lower your diligence costs by using remote qualitative research tools to understand market behaviors and verify commercial viability.

Qualify investment opportunities

Use our qualitative suite to quickly scan the opinions and behaviors that surround a potential deal. You'll be able to evaluate multiple opportunities at the same time, and spend more time on the most promising leads.

Motif is the qualitative research stack you've been waiting for. Try Motif free for 14 days.

No limits on the amount of studies you can deploy. No limits on the amount of participants you can reach. No limits on what you can learn!
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