Hardware UX

Insights to understand everything from prototype preferences to product lifecycle.

Watch people use your products

You can leverage remote usability testing of your physical hard goods by leveraging Motif's video surveys. We can help you get rich contextual feedback about how people use your products without ever leaving your desk.

Know where your product fits

Learn about when your product is used the most. Motif's tools can enable you to understand your end-to-end customer journey, and identify unseen opportunities for your product.

Nail down your product lifecycle

Do you know how the materials for your last product are holding up? Have you verified the quality promised by your new manufacturing partner? Use Motif to get empirical evidence about the evolution of your product quality and it's end-of-life.

Motif is the qualitative research stack you've been waiting for. Try Motif free for 14 days.

No limits on the amount of studies you can deploy. No limits on the amount of participants you can reach. No limits on what you can learn!
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