Insights to help the automotive industry excel at vehicle and service excellence.

Prevent buyer's remorse

Use Motif to understand the entire journey that your vehicle buyer took to finally purchase. Learn about critical touchpoints that need to be improved or altered. Nail the experience of what happens after they drive off the lot.

Understand vehicle performance

Leverage Motif's products to know how your vehicles perform at certain milestones of the product lifecycle. Optimize maintenance and warranty programs, and anticipate the production of replacement parts.

Brand perception

Which psychographic do you appeal to? How does the general public perceive your brand? Are you innovative or lagging behind. Get rich and verbose feedback on the perceptions of your brand.

Motif is the qualitative research stack you've been waiting for. Try Motif free for 14 days.

No limits on the amount of studies you can deploy. No limits on the amount of participants you can reach. No limits on what you can learn!
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