It's always better when we're together.

Motif makes it simple to collaborate with other researchers and stakeholders on every study.

Research together with Motif

We think it's important for the success of your research that you don't do it alone. We've built each feature in Motif to be as collaborative as possible, so you can stop playing catch-up and focus on what actions to take next.

Quickly manage who can collaborate on a study.

You can invite other researchers and stakeholders to work with you on a study as a collaborator. Motif makes it simple to add and remove specific users from each study you deploy.

Add your comments inline & in context.

Researchers end up scrubbing through comments in documents, chat messages, emails, and more. With Motif each collaborator can make specific comments directly in context of each video response or interview.

Motif is the qualitative research stack you've been waiting for. Try Motif free for 14 days.

No limits on the amount of studies you can deploy. No limits on the amount of participants you can reach. No limits on what you can learn!
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