The plural of anecdote is not data.

Start sharing what you're seeing and hearing in research— faster and easier than ever with Motif highlight reels.

Highlight, share, & repeat

It's one thing to be able to share quotes and insights from your research with other stakeholders. It's another to be able to help them see and hear all the things you see and hear in research.

Highlight transcript, create highlights. Really— it's that easy.

Creating highlights is tricky business. With Motif you can leave film editing software behind. Use your cursor to highlight specific portions of the transcript that you want to share, and we'll automatically create a highlight clip for you. No playheads, no trimming or scrubbing.  Just highlight.

Managing coding efforts with a library
of managed codes.

Coding can turn ugly fast. On top of that, each coded observation can lose its association with the transcript or interview. We help you manage your coding taxonomy, and always associate codes with their original research artifact

Create entire reels of highlights that can be watched sequentially.

Do you feel like you're preparing for a film festival when you're sharing your research? Select as many created highlight clips as you want, and we'll automatically create a reel that's easy to navigate and understand.

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